Delving into Birth Plans, Baby Feeding, and Your Ultimate Birth Squad Blueprint 🌟💬🤰

At 21 weeks, it's time to start diving into some deeper discussions with your ob-gyn, girlfriend! 🌸 With around 3 months to go, you're entering a phase where thinking ahead about labor, delivery, and what comes after is super key. Here are the juicy deets you might wanna cover:

  1. Childbirth Options & Prep Classes: Like, what vibe are you going for with your birth? There are classes for different styles, so whether you're all about that natural birth life or considering pain relief options, now's the time to explore.
  2. Feeding Your Baby: Thinking about breastfeeding or formula feeding? This is a biggie, so you might want to start researching or even looking into lactation classes if breastfeeding is on your radar.
  3. If You Have a Boy: The question of circumcision might come up. It's totally your call, so it might be something to ponder now.
  4. Your Birth Squad: Who do you want in your corner when the big day comes? Whether it's your partner, a close friend, or a family member, it's fab to have someone there for moral support. They should probably tag along to those childbirth classes too, to get all the 411 on how to support you best.

So, yeah, lots to think about and discuss! Remember, these are your choices, and it's all about what feels right for you and your baby.