Essential Questions to Ask at 13 Weeks for a Confident and Informed Pregnancy Journey! 🤰🩺

At 13 weeks, it's a great idea to start getting to know your healthcare provider and their policies better. Here are some questions you might consider asking your ob-gyn during your visits: 

  • Do you accept my health insurance?
  • Are you in practice alone, or is there a group? If it's a group, how often will I see the same person during my prenatal care visits?
  • If you are in solo practice, who covers when you are not available?
  • How can I get in touch with you during business hours?
  • Do you have an after-hours phone number that I can call in case of an emergency or if I have concerns? Who takes the after-hours calls?
  • Which hospital will I go to when I give birth?
  • Who will deliver my baby?
  • What are your views on anesthesia during labor, episiotomy, alternative birthing positions, cesarean birth, and assisted vaginal delivery?
  • Who can be with me during delivery.

These questions can help you understand more about the care you will receive and make sure you're comfortable with your healthcare provider's approach to your pregnancy and childbirth. Remember, it's totally okay to have lots of questions – it's all part of preparing for the big day when you meet your little one.