Exploring Baby's Gender and Choosing a Care Team! 🍼🏥

At around 20 weeks, it's a great time to get into some key discussions with your ob-gyn, babe! 🌟 Here are a few topics you might want to chat about:

  1. Baby’s Sex: Curious if you’re having a boy or girl? This month's ultrasound could spill the tea. Sometimes, though, the baby might be playing coy and not be positioned right to tell, but there's always a chance to find out later if you're keen! 🍼
  2. Choosing Your Baby’s Doctor: It's also the perfect time to start thinking about who's gonna look after your little one once they're here. Whether you're leaning towards a pediatrician or a family practice doc, getting recommendations from friends, family, or even your ob-gyn can help. Plus, make sure they’re taking new patients, are close by, accept your insurance, and are affiliated with your chosen hospital or birth center. Super important stuff! 🏥✨

So, don't be shy to bring up these points during your visit. Your doctor is there to help guide you through this exciting journey​​!