Navigating Essential Questions for a Confident and Comfy Pregnancy Journey at 10 Weeks! 🤰💬


At around 10 weeks, it's a fab time to start thinking about what you wanna ask your OB-GYN. Here are some totally important questions you might consider bringing up at your next visit:

  • Health Insurance Vibes: "Do you accept my health insurance?" - Just to make sure everything's covered. 💳
  • Solo or Squad: "Are you in practice alone, or is there a group?" - Know who you'll be seeing. 👩‍⚕️👨‍⚕️
  • Consistency is Key: "If it's a group, how often will I see the same person during my prenatal care visits?" - It's nice to have that familiar face, right? 🤗
  • Backup Plan: "If you're in solo practice, who covers when you're not available?" - Always good to have a plan B. 🔄
  • Reach Out: "How can I get in touch with you during business hours?" - For all those quick questions. ☎️Just in Case: "Do you have an after-hours phone number I can call in case of an emergency or if I have concerns?" - For peace of mind. 🌙
  • Call Team: "Who takes the after-hours calls?" - Knowing who's on the other end is reassuring. 📞
  • Delivery Day Decisions: "Which hospital will I go to when I give birth?" - Good to visualize where your big day will happen. 🏥
  • The Main Event: "Who will deliver my baby?" - Meeting the star of the show! 👶
  • Delivery Preferences: "What are your views on anesthesia during labor, episiotomy, alternative birthing positions, cesarean birth, and assisted vaginal delivery?" - Getting the lowdown on all your options. 🤔
  • Support Squad: "Who can be with me during delivery?" - Because it's all about having your faves by your side. ❤️

It's like, super important to feel comfy and informed, so don't hesitate to ask anything that pops into your head! Your doc is there to support you through this amazing journey.